Artificial Reef Project Featured on AM Costa Rica

29 May

The The Artificial Reef Project in Playa Hermosa was featured on Wrote:

Construction blocks are just the right shape for fish families

Artificial reefs come in all sizes, from an obsolete aircraft carrier to an assembly of cinderblocks that provide a home for sea creatures.  Costa Rica has no aircraft carriers to sink to help the ocean environment, but the Playa Hermosa Association in Guanacaste constructed 12 igloos just offshore using the building blocks.  The project, the association said, is the first artificial reef permitted by the government.

Phase two will be to seek permission from the government to increase the size of the reef to allow greater development of local marine life, said Mike Celiceo, an association member.  Phase three will be to provide fish habitat to the north side of the beach closer for snorkeling trips, he added.

“The beauty of Playa Hermosa is that it consists of flat sandy bottom which is conducive for concrete sphere habitats,” he said.

“Our goal . . . was to ensure that fish and other marine animals, such as crabs, octopus, etc., looking for a place to live and reproduce had the best environment available,” he said.  “The reef project chose cinder block because the block was easier to handle than say cars and tires and logistically it made more sense because block is readily available.  The fish habitats are formed into an igloo shape which offers the best environment to live, breed and find protection.”

The project originated in the 20-year-old wreck of a Mexican fishing boat that sunk in the harbor.

The wreck is about 400 meters from the beach in 20 to 30 feet of water, depending on the tide, the association said. Local fishermen led association members to the wreck in 2002, and they found it covered with vegetation and coral.

You can check out the full article by clicking on the link below:


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