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Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project Featured in the Tico Times

27 Jun

On June 25th 2010, a full page article in the Tico Times “Weekend” section with pictures and interviews.  Go pick one up and check it out while the issue is still on the shelves.

tico times condofish article

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Fish Finding Mission

26 Jun

Last Sunday was another beautiful dive on the artificial reef in Playa Hermosa.   Harry, Christian, Thad and Genna went down to “CondoFish” for the weekly dive.  On each of our dives, we have at least one specific task. Yesterday, we double checked our new buoys, the anchor points, and began our fish finding mission.  We’re beginning to collect pictures of the various forms of life we encounter.  The goal will be to add a section to the website with a profile of each fish, it’s picture and web links links to more information. This will not only be informative for our project but useful for anyone interested in the variety of creatures that reside in the Playa Hermosa bay in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately it was Harry’s last dive with us. He’s heading back to Canada.  He was an experienced diver and an immense help with the project.   Thanks Harry!  We hope to see you next year.

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Why Adopt a Reef?

15 Jun

Simply put, a reef is a rock, sandbar, or other feature lying beneath the surface of the water.  There are many different types oceanic reefs and they often host some of the most complex and fragile webs of biodiversity known to man.  They can be compared to a lush rain-forest; a haven that hosts thousands of species of animals and plant life, promotes reproduction and naturally replenishes sources of plant and animal based food.   Healthy reefs help make the ‘circle of life’ one size bigger.

With the current British Petroleum situation in the Gulf of Mexico, global coral reef decline rates, irresponsible fishing practices, and reckless development; the question may be better posed “Why not adopt a reef?”.  This 100% volunteer project seeks to increase amount of marine life and biodiversity in the Playa Hermosa Bay by building structures that attract fish, plants and invertebrates.  For only $150 you can adopt a reef for a period of 2 years and help us put build and develop more and more marine habitats. Continue reading

Sea Horses Moving In!

1 Jun

Amazing News!

Last Sunday, we found another sign of progress in the Artificial reef project. Seahorses have been spotted making their home in and around the wreck and the artificial reef structure.  A delicate red seahorse was discovered beside one of our underwater structures.  These fragile creatures are known to be extremely picky when choosing a place to breed and make a home.  This is an excellent sign for the progress of the artificial reef project.   We can’t wait to see what creatures wait for us on our next trip down.