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Junior Diver’s First Immersion at Condofish

26 Jul

Capucine Magnat, a ten year-old girl from France, enjoyed her very first underwater submersion at Condofish this week. Because it is so shallow, the Playa Hermosa Artifical Reef Project was the perfect place to complete her first open water dive. Accompanied by Will and Genna from Summer Salt Dive Center in Playa del Coco, Capucine spent the better part of 40 minutes pointing at anything and everything that moved under the water. Capucine’s father Stephane was very proud, and her brother Theo would have joined for the dive but he fell ill earlier that day. We look forward to diving with you next year, Theo!!


How To Build an Artificial Reef

23 Jul

Check out link below to see our step by step instructions of artificial reef building:

How to Build an Artificial Reef Instructable Link

For instructional or classroom purposes feel free to download our PDF:

How to build an Artificial Reef PDF File

First Video From the “CondoFish” Project

4 Jul

If you haven’t seen this fun little video, check it out. Genna took this video from our last dive down. Who would of known ecological work could be so much fun!

Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project, Guanacaste Costa Rica.