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New Buoys Built and Installed at Condofish

25 Aug

To avoid any future issues concerning anchors, fishing, or diver safety the CondoFish team has built buoys to mark off the areas affecting the project.   A week ago Rene and the COFI crew constructed and installed 3 buoys that are painted white, with red signs stating “DO NOT ANCHOR” , Dive Flags, and third red indicator asking boats not to stay in the area due to the experimental and protected  nature of the CondoFish Project.  A contact number for the Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project was also placed on the buoys in case they get free or anyone needs to make contact.

Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project


Costa Rica


Life in the Benthic Zone

10 Aug
Today, Condofish committee member Renee Desaulniers dove Condofish with his nieces, Tiffanie and Naomie, and his brother Mario.
It was the Canadian family’s first open water submersion after completing the confined water portion of the PADI Discovery course with Summer Salt Dive Center in Playa Hermosa.
On the way down, an interesting yellow fish with black stripes – about the size of a pencil eraser – followed Christian and Genna at the surface. It weaved in and out of their fields of vision, just a few millimeters from their masks.
Meanwhile Christian, Renee and Elise dropped cinderblocks and various other materials needed to complete various tasks on the mini reef, a construction designed to connect the coastline with the Condofish Artificial Reef Project.
Back on land, the Condofish committee received an email from a scientist in Marseille, France (if you speak French, you can check it out here – if not, check out Google Translate).  The letter applauded Hermosa’s artificial reef as great news for the area’s benthic zone, or the sea floor. Benthos (animals living in this zone) directly benefiting from a healthy seafloor include starfish, sea slugs, sea anemones, and not to mention all of the creatures higher up on the food chain.

MiniReefs – The Borders and Pathways of COFI

9 Aug

This latest edition to the CondoFish project, “MiniReefs” will be used as borders, markers and undersea pathways that connect future parts of the project together. These “Minireefs” have a solid piece of re-bar going through the center and mounting into the seafloor.  See the pictures and and designs below to get a better idea.

To see a picture of the seafloor and the current “minireef” installation locations within the CondoFish project Continue reading