Shipwreck in Hermosa Bay

16 Nov

6 weeks ago, a boat in the bay of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste caught fire.  The wreck was towed to the shore line where it now sits partially buried in the sand.   Unfortunately, the owner nor the municipality’s marine division has the capability to move it off of the beach.  It’s protrusion from the water and the sea floor has created a hazard for swimmers and local boats.  One part of the wreck pokes above the water while the large main part of the wreck is down around 12-14 feet underwater.  The municipality officially contacted the Playa Hermosa Association and the Artificial Reef Project (CondoFish) for help.

The CondoFish team has agreed to raise the entire wreck from the sea floor and float it to the location of the artificial reef then sink it alongside the project’s perimeter.   It’s an incredible task that will require multiple SCUBA divers, 20  55 gallon drums, a custom welded assembly built from construction re-bar, over 30 tanks of air and numerous volunteers and towing craft.  Diving Safaris and Green Life Academy have already volunteered to aid in the project.  And the reef team will handle most of the diving and construction.

The operation will be likely take about 4 days of work, and will begin this coming Saturday November 20th and commence with the final floating and towing of the main section on the next Sunday the 28th. We will be gathering volunteers and hope to do a celebration event for the final day. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

If you’d like to support the project, the easiest way is make donation using Paypal or to buy a t-shirt.  They’re currently $15 and all proceed go to support the the reef project and the Hermosa Association.

To see the shirt design and how to buy one: CLICK HERE

To see how to donate using Paypal: CLICK HERE

Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project



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