Phase 1 Shipwreck Recovery – Success

21 Nov

This Saturday, November 20th, the first phase of the 70 foot shipwreck recovery in Playa Hermosa was completed.  After 3 hours of difficult underwater work, in low visibility and turbulent conditions, the wreck piece surfaced.  This first part of the boat wreck needed nine air filled 55 gallons barrels to float.  The CondoFish team used 14 air tanks for SCUBA diving and filling the sunken barrels with air.   Shortly after, the team and the floating piece was towed across Hermosa bay and re-sunk at Condofish where it now serves as a new fish apartment building.   For more about this recovery operation, see  Shipwreck in Hermosa Bay

Thank you Diving Safaris for the technical help, people, diving gear and providing the 14 air tanks.

Also a special thanks to Aqua Sport for giving us an excellent headquarters and serving tasty casados.

Now for Phase 2!  This week we will  begin prepping the larger section of the wreck for flotation and movement.

See the Gallery Below


Renny Pufferton: Local CondoFish resident (read more from Renny)

To see the t-shirt design and how to buy one: CLICK HERE

To see how to help support projcy and the fish via Paypal: CLICK HERE


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