Shipwreck’s Final Days

9 Dec
After long days with numerous hours underwater, using personal gear, funding from the Playa Hermosa Association, aid from the municipality and from our own pockets, the Shipwreck operation is at a standstill.

Two weeks ago the CondoFish team did successfully move a large section of the wreck (roughly the size of a panga) from the sea floors and sink it on the reef project site.  This is a success and will serve as a another structure for the fish at the Artificial Reef site to live and feed on.  More about the successful 1st phase of the project can be read about here. Nature Air’s Blog About the Shipwreck
The 2nd larger section of the boat required more materials, a larger tow boat, more time and more funding.  Currently the municipality (who originally requested us to do the work) is not interested in putting any more time or funding into the project.  The CondoFish team had no issue completing the task without payment but the team cannot continue to spend our personal funds and time without the support of the municipality or the support of the owners of the boat.  Also, dive shops in the area were generously donating 10-15 air tanks at a time in high season without compensation.

We will now go and retrieve the barrels still attached to the wreck and leave it in the hands of the municipality and the owners of the boat(with whom the responsibility lay).  There is a possibility that a large tuna boat in the area could come and help remove it from the shoreline.  We will be happy to aid in the process.

We’re looking forward to getting back to work on the reef project.


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