Shipwreck Marked and Area Cleaned

1 Jan

In regards to the burned out shrimp boat wrecked on the shore of Playa Hermosa, the community, Playa Hermosa Association and the CondoFish Team got together at Aquasport to find a solution on moving the wreck and cleaning up the beach.  The first step was cleaning up the trash, ship fragments and barrels left over from the owner.  Then buoys were placed around the wreck to mark it in an effort to keep swimmers and boats away from the dangerous area.

This past last Friday a motivated group of community volunteers made sure the work was done.   Great job community!

Currently there are 2 solutions for the next step in removal:

1. Wait on an answer from the Costa Rican Coast Guard in regards to large craft to drag the wreck out 50-100 meters.

2. Use a large excavator to break up and pull out the wreck from the beach.

We’re awaiting answers and CondoFish is ready and willing to help out with any underwater connection tasks involved with helping move this wreck.


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