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March 2011 – An Amazing Month For the Project

23 Mar

This March has been absolutely amazing.  The structures and surrounding seafloor have been amassing biological value by the month.  Sightings of Lobsters, crabs, octopus, conch shells, southern sting rays, and more and more varieties fish have become commonplace.  We hope that local dive shops will begin viewing Condofish as more than a project, but as an attraction as well.

Marine biologist from the University in San Jose have now taken an interest and offered their help.(which we will expound on in a following post) The Costa Rica fishing authority have also given us good news and authorized us to expand greatly.  In addition, the Condofish team just placed their first new steel reinforced structure on the seafloor.  Anchors and fishing nets dropped by fishermen who ignore the government sanctioned buoys will no longer be an issue. Whoo Hoo!

Here are some pictures from the last dive.

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