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2011 – End of the Year Update!

22 Dec
Rene and crew managed to make it out to the Condofish site last week for a picture update of the project.  The storms in October and unprecedented undersea currents managed to disorganize some of the condo fish structures below.  The most important news is thatmarine life is still in the reef project living in perfect harmony with the calcium rich concrete blocks.  Fortunately, Fish do not seem that concerned care about their condo architecture.  Even thought most tenants failed to file their insurance policy on time, they continue to love their blocky structures and use them as safe place for their eggs.
Our new prototype fish condo using a steel reinforced frame manage to stay strong and remain unaffected by the unusually strong currents.  We plan on building more reinforced structures throughout the project and forge ahead!
Below is a gallery of the last dive: Continue reading