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What to Do?….. Careless Fishermen

24 Feb

After putting up 4 buoys marking off the project in a square above the water and building a border around the entire project underwater, fishermen still continue to do damage to our project.   We have no issue with the casual sport fisherman or the motivated spear-fisher, but when fishermen drop their nets and drag them across a government sanctioned project and destroy our artificial reef units it’s totally unacceptable.  Last week we had to rebuild a unit that was destroyed by a fishing net that was caught and pulled a structure apart.  It seems that every month or so we’re cleaning up after irresponsible fishermen dragging their gear straight through the project.

We are working to build new, stronger, and more reinforced structures, but it’s unbelievable that fishermen are still dropping their nets in the protected zone.  This is MINAE protected zone. If you see or know anyone that uses the CondoFish area to drop nets or anchors…….tell them the government is watching them and that what they’re doing is bad for the Playa Hermosa community and the fish population in the bay.

We are helping to increase the fish population in the area!  Why slow CondoFish down?


Who is MINAE?

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